Our 300th Celebration has been postponed.

Due to an overabundance of caution, our celebration has been postponed until sometime in 2021. Stay tuned!

The historical record tells us that Martin Berry and Maria Roome were married in April 1720. As was the custom, the groom built a house for his bride… and thus was begun the Dutch Colonial building known today as the Martin Berry House.

We think this deserves a nice celebration — and we have planned a good one! Join us at Grace Chapel on a date later in 2021 to be announced.

  • Wedding re-enactment by two talented young actors
  • Followed by a reception featuring Colonial dance music by Ridley & Anne Enslow, and dancing hosted by veteran caller Sue Dupre.
  • And munch on tasty little ‘petit fours’ desserts, with coffee/tea.

To hear the music of the Enslows is to be transported back in time. Dressed in historically accurate clothing, Ridley plays an 18th-century violin, while Anne accompanies on a hammered dulcimer (though you might also hear a jaw harp, mountain dulcimer, or pennywhistle, depending on the show). This is a fine example of their music.

Sue Dupre is a seasoned dance caller — the person who calls or guides dancers through their steps in a colorful and rhythmic banter. She will wear a historically accurate dress so that dancers can see her feet and follow her footwork, and will explain how partners hold hands, what the calling words mean, what to do with your feet, etc.

This promises to be the highlight event of the season! Tickets to this marvelous event are only $25 (or $30 at the door). To reserve your tickets, call the Society at 862-666-9784 or send an email to 300th@PequannockHistory.org. You could also send a check for the desired number of tickets to the Society (address is in the sidebar). Also, check our Facebook page for info on where we will be selling tickets locally.

If you run a business, you might be interested in advertising in our Celebration Program. You can download the form here.

300th Celebration - POSTPONED
Our event has been postponed. Thanks for nothing, COVID-19!