Offering to a good (historic-minded) home

We would like to give these a good home: Three vintage US Army wood-and-canvas folding cots, probably circa 1951. I assembled two; the canvas is in good shape, no evident dry rot, but caution advised before lying on them. (They held my weight.) This eBay offer is a similar model – those shown do not have the folding instructions on them.

We’d obviously prefer to see these go to a historical society or reenactment outfit.

Two are complete, including the end sticks (end poles). The third is missing the end sticks, but it would be quite easy to make them using the others as a template. One or two have usable straps to tie into a bundle. Each measures 18″x76″x27″.

There’s a YouTube video showing an easy way to assemble them, but it’s not difficult.

I didn’t assemble this one.

These folding instructions are from the eBay auction for a similar cot.

These are from the eBay auction for a similar cot.

Email Paul Havemann at chair@PequannockHistory.org to arrange pickup.


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